What is FloTHERM® PACK?

FloTHERM® PACK is a yet another unique product from Mentor Graphics designed to generate accurate thermal libraries of IC components, standard test harnesses, and other associated parts more...

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With over 30 IC package families supported, only a few clicks are required to parametrically specify a package design. Inbuilt design intelligence will make realistic assumptions about package parameters that are unknown. Once defined, detailed 3D thermal IC package models, two-resistor or DELPHI compact thermal models can be downloaded in standard pdml format for use in FloTHERM®, FloTHERM® XT or FloTHERM® PCB.

JEDEC compliant test environments to determine metrics such as Theta_ja (still air), Theta_jma (moving air), Theta_jb (Ring cold plate) and Theta_jc (Top cold plate) can be defined, including the ability to specify either low k or high k test boards and the optional existence of via arrays under the package. These full test environments can then be downloaded in pdml format for more detailed thermal characterisation investigations in FloTHERM®.

Whether you are an end user wanting to create as accurate a thermal IC package model as possible for use in end operating environment simulations, or a supplier needing to provide FloTHERM® pdml models to your customers, FloTHERM® PACK is the solution for you.

Latest Development

Detailed Trace Modelling for Power Packages:

For all power, and low pin count QFN packages, traces on the top surface of the test board are now modelled explicitly. This results in much higher accuracy Theta_jb metric prediction compared to the previous assumption of those traces being smeared over the entire board top surface.

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